Providing the highest standards of horse care is a priority for the entire team at Clarehaven.

With a wealth of experience and expertise available within the team and the use of first-class facilities on-site, we deliver individual programmes and care for the horses.

In addition to a full-time equine veterinarian and the extensive experience of our staff, we also use an equine physiotherapist, together with an equine chiropractor.

Individual exercise programmes are developed for horses, using the on-site facilities, such as four covered horse walkers, high speed treadmills, an indoor school and an outdoor ring.


Clarehaven’s spacious, well-ventilated boxes ensure the horses in our care are comfortable and healthy.

Each horse’s dietary needs are catered for individually, with specific feeding routines and supplements provided where required.

The combination of our staff’s dedication to the horses in their care and the expertise of the management team play an integral part in keeping our elite equine athletes in peak condition.

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